By engaging in activities like native seedling propagation, landscaping tasks, and general greenhouse care and preparations, volunteers can connect more deeply with our stewardship work while assisting critical restoration efforts. Our greenhouse volunteers are supporting vital projects that have long-lasting benefits, like restoring critical habitats for declining bird species, providing pollinator sources for native insects, and improving habitat structure that supports wildlife.

The native plant greenhouse and habitat restoration projects around the Conservation Center also provide opportunities for education, where the community can gain hands-on experience about the value of land protection and stewardship. Relevant topics may include declining plant species and their habitat requirements; why we should protect sensitive habitats like wetlands and dunes; and preserving the region’s plants as the base upon which animals and insects depend.

In the spirit of collaboration, the site also offers the Conservancy a chance to foster local and regional coordinated efforts on projects that could include native tree planting, fern propagation, and growing species for other organizations.

While our initial efforts focus on restoring natural habitats and establishing native landscaping at the Mitchell Creek Meadows: The Don and Jerry Oleson Nature Preserve, this work will evolve throughout our five-county service area.

Do you have a green thumb or want to learn more? Check back in the spring for volunteer activities and click below for information on our upcoming volunteer opportunities at the greenhouse.